Cornell University

The Web Lab: This web site describes the Cornell Web Lab research program, which ended in September 2011. The web site has been kept online as a historic record.

The Cornell Web Lab

The Web Laboratory is a joint project of Cornell University and the Internet Archive to provide data and computing tools for research about the Web and the information on the Web.

For a technical overview of the Web Lab see the Overview page. As this is a research project, the systems,tools, and data, are constantly changing. For current information, see the Status page.

For an early overview of the plans for the Web Lab, read the paper in D-Lib Magazine, February 2006. For information about the technical aspects of building the library, there is a paper in the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, June 2006.

The Web Lab is built on the historical collections of the Internet Archive. This work would not be possible without the forethought and longstanding commitment of the Internet Archive to capture and preserve the content of the Web for future generations.

The computing facilities are based at the Cornell Center for Advanced Computing. Development of the Web Lab is a joint effort with two interdisciplinary projects, the PetaByte Storage Services project, which is an infrastructure project to support data-driven science, and the Next Generation Cyberinfrastructure project based in the Deaprtment of Sociology.

This work is funded in part by National Science Foundation grants CNS-0403340, DUE-0127308, SES-0537606, IIS 0634677, IIS 0705774, and IIS 0917666. The Web Lab is an NSF Next Generation Cyberinfrastructure project. Additional support comes from Unisys, Microsoft and Dell.